FANGORIA: Q&A with Sam on ‘Being Human’ and more…

Original Q&A article by Ken W. Hanley for Fangoria


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“Who could have predicted that television would’ve been such a boon for the genre? Ten years ago, horror on television was virtually non-existent, or at best unabashedly campy due to the restrictions of standards and practices that butchered any fright film that made the transition to TV. Yet as censorship has become more relaxed and horror grows further and further into the eyes of casual audiences, horror seems to be everywhere on the small screen, whether it be on gory premium cable programming or brooding broadcast series.

One of the series at the forefront of this current movement is the longstanding BEING HUMAN, the Syfy Channel adaptation of the hit British supernatural series concerning a coexisting vampire, werewolf and ghost. In the US version, the resident vampire has been Sam Witwer, whom horror fans would recognize from roles in DEXTER and THE MIST, and who has portrayed Aiden on BEING HUMAN for each of the show’s four seasons. With the premiere of the fourth on the horizon, Witwer spoke to FANGORIA about BEING HUMAN, working with Frank Darabont and how Aidan’s dark past will impede his bright future…”

You can read Fangoria’s Q&A with Sam IN FULL HERE.


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