Sam Witwer, David Collins to attend Star Wars Celebration VI

OUR THANKS to Star Wars Celebration for this information.


Star Wars Celebration VI will run from Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th August 2012 at the Orange County Convention Center, California, and Sam Witwer is to be there as one of the Celebration’s special guests.

The always-stunning fan festival will commemorate the magic of the entire Star Wars Saga: all six movies; The Clone Wars television series; books; comics; collectibles; toys; entertainment and more. There’s so much to celebrate!

(image courtesy of Lucasfilm)

Attendees of Celebration VI will be the first in the world to see the action-packed premiere of Season Five of Star Wars: The Clone Wars at a big screen red carpet event featuring stars of the hit series from Lucasfilm Animation.

On Friday, August 24th at 5 pm, the Digital Stage at Celebration VI – the venue optimized for high-definition digital theatrical exhibition with state-of-the-art surround sound – will present an evening of Star Wars: The Clone Wars entertainment beginning with a special presentation of the Season Four finale, the episodes “Brothers” and “Revenge.” These are followed by “Revival,” the long-awaited Season Premiere, on Cartoon Network this fall, that continues the story of the resurrected Darth Maul (voiced by Sam).

(photo courtesy of Marc Andrew)

As well as Sam’s attendance, there’s the added bonus of having Celebration VI co-hosted by our lovely friend David Collins, who will host the Digital Stage, a showcase for animation and other forms of multimedia entertainment.

David is a voice actor/director, musician and sound designer. A veteran of more than 10 years at LucasArts, some of his credits include Star Wars Battlefront, Republic Commando, LEGO Star Wars, Star Wars: The Old Republic and The Force Unleashed series where he played the role of PROXY. Now working at Sony PlayStation, his recent credits include Uncharted 3, Starhawk and Sorcery.

David Collins as PROXY (image from Lucasfilm)


For ticketing details and information, visit the official Star Wars Celebration VI website here.


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