‘Being Human’ Spoiler Alert: More Love and War in Season 3

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Production is underway in Montreal for Season 3 of Syfy’s Being Human and we’re beginning to get details of some story ideas that will take center stage. As we know Season 2 finale left us with Sally (Meaghan Rath) in limbo, Aidan (Sam Witwer) buried alive, and Josh (Sammy Huntington) and Nora (Kristen Hager) in a werewolf version of a Mexican standoff. But we know that in the game of television, until we see their deaths that there’s no danger in any of the four leads. That’s right, I said four leads. Hager was added as a series regular for Season 3, so we’ll no longer see her name in the “guest-starring” section of the opening credits. Congrats to Kristen and read below for the spoilers.

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A new romance was announced for Aidan (who may be sporting some heinous facial hair this season) on Zap2It. Her name is Kat, and is a friend of Nora’s who’s a history scholar and that’s a logical leap given how he’s been around for the last couple centuries. They meet during a stressful time for Nora (could that be Josh-related or just that time of the month for werewolves) and then meet again at the hospital.

Okay that’s interesting stuff mostly because where the show ended it looked like there was no way Aidan could find his way back to the hospital, unless he’s freed in relative short time after being buried. He could always use his power of persuasion to get his job back, but that still doesn’t solve his problem of getting blood, which was put on lockdown in Season 2. Rumors are that he’s going to find a new method at obtaining sustenance. Now if Aidan and Kat do hit it off, that could set up some hilarious double dating scenes with Josh and Nora. Unfortunately, anyone who hooks up with Aidan also has a death wish so we wish Kat all the best, if we forget to say it later, it was nice knowing ya.

But wait, there’s more! Last week Deadline announced that Xander Berkeley will be joining the cast, fresh off the set of Nikita. Berkeley who can be best remembered for his roles on 24, Terminator 2: Judgement Day and countless super-hero cartoon voices, will play the werewolf father of purebred twins Brynn (Tracy Spiridakos) and Connor Mclean (Jon Cor) who has arrived at Boston to see where his kids disappeared off to.

Whenever there’s an old school werewolf in town, expect there to be clashes with the vampires, which we’ll recall is now being run by Mother’s (Deena Aziz) old school guard. Last season it was Aidan keeping the vampires off the scent of Nora and Josh who had killed Heggeman. It looks like it’s time for Josh to return the favor. Let’s remember that Connor was killed by Aidan in Season 2 and Brynn was told to leave Boston. That’s not going to be a nice meet-and-greet when it does eventually happen.

Plan for Berkeley to be a regular fixture of Season 3 as he’s also rumored to develop a mysterious relationship with Nora. Berkeley is a great character actor who always stirs the pot where ever he goes and Being Human will be no different. Spiridakos by the way was joined the cast of J.J. Abrams new NBC high-concept apocalyptic series, Revolution so if Brynn does come back to Boston, it probably won’t be but for a few cameos.

With these two spoilers, we can begin to see Season 3 take shape. I would expect a time jump at the beginning of the season to explain Aidan’s hair growth and time spent buried, but he also has to figure out where he stands with Mother and her rule over Boston. There’s still no concrete ideas of what Sally’s arc will entail, but we can assume she’ll make it out of limbo or purgatory or whatever state she’s in at some point and rejoin her roommates, but not without some kind of permanent change. Hopefully we’ll find out more at Comic-Con and get another gem like this:


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