Official Sam Witwer / The Crashtones merchandise available

Please note: The ONLY OFFICIAL SAM WITWER/CRASHTONES CafePress merch store is HERE.

Only have Sam’s express permission to use the original Witwer/Hirstius-designed The Crashtones artwork.

In addition, the unique ‘Say No To Blood’ design (below) which is used on Sam’s Facebook fan page, and the ‘Got Blood?’ coffee mug design were created EXCLUSIVELY for our sole use by the artist Diana Marston Da Costa.

Artist: Diana Marston Da Costa

NB: Any orders placed with any other Cafe Press store, using these particular designs, are doing so without either Sam’s or Diana’s permission.  More importantly, they will not benefit Sam or the fansite in any way.

The ONLY Official Sam Witwer/Crashtones merchandise store is HERE.


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