Sam to make a return to Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

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Before we go into this, please bear in mind that it’s considered a rumor until confirmed by Lucasfilm. That being said, we as Star Wars fans to speculate. If you’re a fan of The Clone Wars and are excited for the goodness yet to come from Season 4, then this might pique your interest. A TFN reader named Chris sent over the following this week:

“While at Dragon*Con last month I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Sam Witwer. He told me he would be voicing another character in Clone Wars this season and it is going to be a huge surprise. He went on to say that he was not allowed to say who it is but it is so huge that he got the call while driving and was so shocked he almost wrecked his car when he was told which character it was.”

Witwer was incredible portraying Brother in the Mortis Trilogy of The Clone Wars Season 3. From his booming vocal chords to his voice acting in general, it seems only natural to bring him back. Yet, as Chris noted, Dragon*Con was last month. I wonder what recent news caused Chris so send in the correspondence now?

Big thanks to Chris for sending in the e-mail. As always, we’ll be sure to keep you posted if official news of Witwer’s TCW return (and who he might be voicing) is announced.

Sam Witwer can be seen on the U.S. Syfy series adaptation of Being Human when it returns with new episodes in January 2012.


UPDATE: Our friends at sent over a confirmation of Witwer’s return to The Clone Wars via this interview. See the relevant excerpt below which jives with Chris’s report above:

Sam Witwer: I’ve already returned to The Clone Wars to do voiceover.

Riley: Oh really?

Sam Witwer: I am currently, as we speak, working on episodes, many episodes for a character that I have not played… well… it’s… what can I say without getting fired?

Riley: We don’t want you to get in trouble or anything.

Sam Witwer: I’m told the announcement is gonna happen in a couple months.

Riley: Nice tease!

Sam Witwer: It’s an amazing character. It is an amazing, amazing character. I’ll put it to you this way. I was driving over to a buddy’s house and Dave Filoni calls me up, gets me on the phone, and he says, “Listen, so we want you to come back to work and we need you to play—” and he tells me the character’s name. And I almost had a car accident. And he says, “Can you do it?” And I’m like, yes. And then I worried about later whether I could do it or not. But I was like yes, yes, I will do that. So it is a tremendous opportunity and I can’t wait for you guys to find out about it.”

Thanks Bethany! At this point we can’t wait for the official announcement!


FURTHER UPDATE:  Sam has asked his admin here at to point out that, as he understand it, he doesn’t think the character shows up until next season. He says he’s not really sure of the details, and that it’s “a ways off” yet.  As soon as we get further news or confirmation, we’ll post it here.

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