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When Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) announced that he was leaving Smallville, fans of the show were understandably saddened by the news. Once we got over our initial shock, we then wondered who would become the next “big bad” of the series.

The CW was quick to inform fans that the infamous comic book legend Doomsday was headed to Metropolis. Could Clark Kent’s life be in mortal danger?

Playing the role of Doomsday/Davis Bloom is Sam Witwer, an extremely talented and charismatic actor with a wealth of experience in the business. I had the pleasure of speaking with this incredibly charming star and learned quite a bit about his dual role on Smallville and how he fits into the new Star Wars videogame

Playing the role of Doomsday/Davis Bloom is Sam Witwer, an extremely talented and charismatic actor with a wealth of experience in the business. From playing various roles on television series such as Shark and Dexter to starring in the thrilling videogame, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, this dynamic actor is ready to step into this highly coveted role….

Q: Tell us about your character in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed videogame.

Sam: “He’s Darth Vader’s secret apprentice and it takes place between the two trilogies, bridging the gap between them. It sets up the original Star Wars in a very cool way. This character is a protégé of Darth Vader and throughout the story, he realizes he can be more than that and different things start happening. He creates an incredible change in the Star Wars mythos that sets up the original Star Wars. If my character doesn’t do his thing, Luke, Han and Leia don’t get to do theirs.

My character is a photo negative of Luke Skywalker. The story is so dark, I had to find what wasn’t dark about him, the other elements of the character and bring them out.”

Q: Did the game designers give you any cheat codes?

Sam: “They gave me concept art, light sabers and the opportunity to play a role in the game — I also play the Emperor in the game. They did not give me any game cheats though.”

Q: You play Doomsday/Davis Bloom on Smallville, were you a fan of the Superman comics?

Sam: “I’ve read some Superman comics, but I was more of a fan of the Richard Donner movies. I was a huge fan of those movies when I was a kid.”

Q: Tell us about Doomsday/Davis….

Sam: “David Bloom is a Metropolis paramedic who is this perpetual loner and outsider and was raised in the foster care system. He’s had a tough upbringing and doesn’t trust a lot of people. He strikes up a fast friendship with Chloe, they see some things they have in common and become fast friends. The problem with Davis is that he’s having these blackouts. He doesn’t really know much about his past; there are holes in his memory. As he discovers more about what’s happening during his blackouts, the more horrifying information gets back to him. This is a very conscientious, morale person we’re creating. He may be a bit moody, but that’s the worst thing you can say about him.

What we’re going to do is create this really good guy, and as the season goes on, drag him through the mud and take him apart piece by piece, psychologically. We’ve already done some unpleasant stuff on set in terms of performance.”

Q: Are Davis and Chloe going to be a couple?

Sam: “Well, Davis and Chloe are good friends, but she has this relationship with Jimmy.”

Q: What are Doomsday’s powers?

Sam: “Very simple — he’s indestructible. He’s just the toughest guy ever. I was having dinner with Frank Darabont and some friends and he leans over to me and goes, ‘how do you kill Superman’? I said, ‘look, you just beat the hell out of him.’ That’s what Doomsday does in the comic books, he beats the hell out of him until he stops breathing.”

Q: Does he have a weakness like Clark has with kryptonite?

Sam: “I’ve read some Doomsday comics, but I haven’t come to any point where I’ve read that he has that in him [weakness to kryptonite]. He’s from Krypton, I can tell you that. Doomsday has been designed to be the ultimate survivor, the ultimate warrior. It’s going to be the darkest stuff Smallville has seen, it’s pretty brutal.”

Q: You’ve guest starring roles on many television shows, do you have a favorite?

Sam: “In terms of television, I loved working on Battlestar Galactica. I loved Dexter especially because I got to play a role that frankly, I still don’t get recognized for today. The character looked very different and acted and spoke very different than how I speak in anything else. I take it as a compliment that I have to explain to people that I played that character. They wanted me to play this squirrelly computer nerd and I thought I’d love to do that because I had been hired to play a lot of big thuggish guys before that. I wanted the chance to show people that yes; I can do something totally different if you wanted me to.

One of my other favorite roles was on Shark, where I got to work with James Woods quite a bit and that was really fun. He was always running around with his iPhone, taking pictures of stuff and sending them to me. He’s a real character.”

Q: Anything to say to the fans?

Sam: [laughs] “Uh, yeah — sorry, I’ve got to kill your boy in blue.”

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