Syfy’s Being Human: And so begins the end…

Tomorrow – Monday 7th April 2014 at 9/8c – sees the very final episode of Syfy‘s amazing ‘Being Human’It’s been a glorious journey of scares, gore, laughter, and love.

Fangs for the memories, Aidan…  (Oh, come on! It was just sitting there!)

Re-watch the cast’s Thank You video “Goodbye, Being Human” HERE.

image courtesy of Syfy

image courtesy of Syfy

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ScreenSpy: “Being Human Finale May Hold Its Biggest Surprise Ever”

Original article by Abbey White for

Photo credit: Pana Pantazidis/Syfy

Photo credit: Pana Pantazidis/Syfy

“Yes, it’s true. Being Human‘s wild ride is coming to an official and permanent end this upcoming Monday. It’s a sad time for fans, but the show’s final go may have more than a few exciting surprises up its sleeve.

The finale, which was labeled a “love letter to the fans” by series showrunner Anna Fricke, now has some first details and images to help expound on what she means…”

Read ScreenSpy’s scoop IN FULL, and view the photo gallery, HERE.

Hankies at the ready, folks. It’s going to be an emotional ride…


Sam attends Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race practice day

Sam Witwer attends the 37th Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race practice day on Tuesday 1st April 2014 in Long Beach, California. 

Image courtesy of Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images - see link below

Image courtesy of Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images – see link below for details

More photos Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images can be viewed HERE.

Full details of the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach 2014 can be found HERE.

toyota long beach 2014

Sam Witwer talks about playing a Blutbad in a Wesen carnival on ‘Grimm’

Original interview by Kristi Turnquist for Oregon Live.

Photo credit: Jeff Christensen/AP Photo

Photo credit: Jeff Christensen/AP Photo

Sam Witwer is used to acting in a TV series with a supernatural storyline. He plays the vampire, “Aidan,” on the Syfy series, ”Being Human,” after all. But when Witwer was in Portland not long ago to play a Blutbad on ”Grimm,” he found there was a learning curve…”

Read Oregon Live’s interview with Sam IN FULL HERE.

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Sam Witwer guest stars on the Far, Far Away podcast ep. VIII

Exclusive podcast interview from Schmoes Know.

Far Far Away podcast ep. VIII

Far Far Away podcast ep. VIII

“Holy bantha poodu! We have the ultimate guest this week on Far, Far Away. Kristian and Tiff are joined by Starkiller himself, Sam Witwer. Not only is Sam the star of the Force Unleashed games, he is also the voice of Darth Maul in the ‘Clone Wars’ series. A lot of chat about Episode VII possibilities, and did Sam go in for the new movie? Also, ‘Clone Wars’ talk and how Sam got the job as Starkiller. Enjoy!”

Listen to the Far, Far Away podcast ep. VIII in full HERE.


Sam’s personal message to his fans regarding the end of ‘Being Human’

Our lovely Sam recently took to Facebook to post a personal message to his fans, and talk about the end of Syfy’s Being Human.

Photo courtesy of Bello Magazine

Photo courtesy of Bello Magazine

Sorry it’s taken so long to address this. I’ve talked about it in interviews, but feel bad that it’s taken me so long to address it here.
Being Human – The End.

This is something we’ve all been aware of since the inception of this season. The long/short of it is, some very unusual things happened behind the scenes on the finance side of things. Acting on behalf of the show, Syfy solved these problems but a side effect of this was that our budget was cut. Being Human has always been a very modestly budgeted show, so all of us involved looked at the reality of what might happen should the show continue on and we all came to the same conclusion.

Put succinctly, we had enough favors and good will saved up to get away with one more good season. Anything beyond that, and we were out of steam. We talked about it, and the decision was made to go out strong while we could still make a good show. 

We went to Syfy with this notion, and the result was what most shows never get. An entire season to write to a satisfying end.

I’m happy with this. After all, the reasons I took this gig were creative. The reasons to end it were also creative. I only wish you’d all had more time to prepare as we’ve known about this for almost a year. Might have resulted in a more celebratory mood…


Between our 52 episodes and the BBC’s 37, spanning 3 different casts, I think we’ve all done the Being Human name proud. I’m very excited that we get to wrap this show up right…that we even get to put a ribbon and a bow on this thing. We get to offer you our definitive vision of what this whole Vampires, Werewolves, and Ghosts nonsense is really and truly all about.

Thank you.
Get ready. 
Cuz these last 4 are (as Anna Fricke might say) Crazy-Train.

See you on the other side.


Sam guest-stars in Grimm ep. 3.16 “The Show Must Go On”

Article by Debi Moore from Dread Central.

“Not only does “Being Human’s” Sam Witwer guest star, but it also looks like “Grimm” semi-regular Alexis Denisof finally gets something to do in next week’s Episode 3.16, “The Show Must Go On.” Here are several stills to whet your appetites…”

Read the article IN FULL HERE. 


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Sam slated to appear at Calgary Expo 2014

As confirmed by the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, our lovely Sam Witwer is slated to make a guest appearance at this year’s Expo (April 24-27) together with his Being Human co-stars Sammy Huntington, Meaghan Rath, and Kristen Hager.

Full details of the Expo can be found HERE.

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